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Designing and decorating your home gives you an opportunity to unleash and showcase your artistic flair. It is your canvas and you can paint it with colours and patterns of your choice. After all, homemaking is way more than buying and placing furniture. The furnishings and dé;cor also take centre stage. That area rug, that drape adds volume and meaning to the floor and wall. Moreover, to maximize the effect of those drapes you need to pay careful attention to the window hardware like curtain rods, finials, brackets and more. Everything should be in sync and accentuate the home dé;cor, further. It should fit your room like a glove. Here is all about the different window hardware and some tips that will come handy in choosing a window treatment that can give essence to your home.

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1.The Curtain Rod: A curtain or drapery rod is typically hung between the curtain moulding and ceiling, and the weight, style, and diameter are pretty much determined by the drapery material and colour. Coming in different finishing like brass, bronzefunny standard pillowcases, and nickel you will have quite a few possibilities to explore. But, this selection is decided by the kind of feel you want to give to your room. Whether it is that vintage feel or industrial accent on your mind that should influence your decision. Another influencing factor is the material and colour of light fixtures, sofa and artwork in the room. If you have light fixtures in steel make with a silver hue, then opt for curtain rods in a similar make and colour. But, if you want the curtain rods to stand out in the room, then go for a dark curtain rod against a wall with light paint. So, there are options aplenty and what you buy for your home is mainly influenced by your personal taste and preference. Curtain rods play a decorative and functional role. A decorative curtain rod gives you the option of changing finials and holdbacks. In addition, there are also double curtain rods, which are perfect if you want to hang different drapes or opt for layering with curtains.

2.The Curtain Finials: The drapery rod finials screw on either end of the curtain rods. Enhancing the appeal of the curtain rods, they mainly give a decorative touch and come in modern and traditional designs. You will find them in a range of materials like glass, metal and wood. With most curtain rods, you get finials, but there is always the option to mix and match. You can opt for finials in different designs and finishing. But, as far as the make is concerned, it is best to synchronize. Moreover, when you put the finials ensure they are in line with the outside edge of window moulding.

3. The Curtain Rings: Some curtain rods come with clips, while few others you have the option to choose the one that best goes with the curtain rod and curtains. Mostly made of metal and wood, curtain rings come in different finishing and that’s where you get the scope to coordinate. So, you can choose the finishing in keeping with the curtain finial and rod colour. But, other than this decorative angle, when choosing the curtain rings make sure they are big enough to accommodate the circumference of the curtain rod. In addition, you can either sew them or clip them on the drapery panel depending upon your own personal taste and preference.

4. The Wall Bracket: These were once upon a time totally supportive in nature. A curtain rod bracket is mainly used in mounting the rod to the wall. It is mounted at either end of the rod and in the centre for proper support. In the absence of a sturdy and solid wall bracket, there is a risk of sagging. But, other than the supportive function, it also has a beautification task and it is for this reason that there is a range of designer wall brackets available today. Wall brackets come in different designs, making and finishing. You can opt for something coordinated or contrasting with the curtain rod, finial and ring. These brackets are clearly visible and one should pay careful heed, while buying them as they together with other curtain hardware give a distinguished look to the room. There is also the option of double curtain brackets in case you opt for double curtain rods. Otherwise, you can go for a double bracket if you have opted for heavy drapes, which will need that extra support.

5. Holdbacks: It is a timeless curtain accessory, which can give a different look and feel to your room. Sleek and stylish, you can mount them on either side of the curtains and use them for holding the curtains when you want a light to filter into your home. These have been in vogue since time immemorial and come in a plethora of designs and finishing. Typically, you will find curtain holders in U-shaped, peg-shaped and round, and you can blend them with the finials. It will be a nice and unique way of giving a finishing touch to the window treatment.

Other than the above window hardware solutions, there are also add-on rods and double bracket kit options, which give you the flexibility to design your window solutions to your fancy. You can check this complete range of curtain rods online and other window hardware at Deco Window. To view all the options, click here and mix and match or plan a coordinated window treatment. There are also extendable curtain rods at DecoWindow giving you the complete freedom to customize and plan your home, your way. You will get lots of options for different window hardware in different makes and be finishing and you can choose as per your taste and preference. A wooden rod and cast iron hardware can effortlessly give a rustic touch to your room, while glass and nickel polishing is apt for that modern, contemporary appeal. So, choose from the plethora of options at Deco Window and give your windows a magnificent touch, making them central and focal to the room.

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