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Welcome back, my little DIY darlings!? Today, Cutting Edge Stencils wants to talk about a design trend that took over in the 60’;s/70’;s and we’;ve been recovering ever since!? Drumroll, please…; Faux Wood Paneling!

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Wood paneling in all it’;s fabulousness! Image found on Apartment Therapy.

Need I say more?? I’;m pretty sure we’;ve all been there and have despised it. ? And we understand that there are times where knocking down every wall is just not an option.? So if you’;re looking for a quick and easy faux wood paneling fix then we’;ve got the solution for you!? We want you to consider using our stencils to pretty up that paneling! We can show you an awesome example to ease you into the idea! Sound good to you? Okayfunny standard pillowcases, cool! Let’s begin…;

I want you meet Roeshel, the diy extraordinaire and blogger behind The DIY Showoff.? Roeshel was super excited that her sister and her niece were moving back to their “;home town”; area. ? Knowing that it’;s never easy for a 16 year old to pick up and move, Roeshel wanted to make her niece’;s new room extra special.? Unfortunately, she was dealing with a rental property and was limited in how far she could take the room transformation.? Her niece’;s soon-to-be new bedroom was surrounded by faux wood paneling, you know the kind we all love to hate!? Roeshel put her creative stenciling cap on and came up with a plan to stencil the paneled walls. First she painted the paneling in a soft lilac color similar to Benjamin Moore’;s misty lilac 2071-70.? Then she used her Verde Damask Stencil to apply a soft white stenciled hue (similar to Benjamin Moore’;s simply white OC-117) across the paneling.? The end result is very subtle yet so pretty that you would never guess there had been paneling there before!? We think using stencils is a FAB way to pretty up a paneled space!

1. Make sure you wipe your paneled walls clean before you start your painting project.

2. Apply one thin and even coat of an oil-based primer to your paneling.? Use a paint brush to get into any cracks or corners that the roller can’t reach. ?Once your thin coat of oil-based primer dries, apply one thin and even coat of latex paint with a high quality roller and again use a paint brush to get into any cracks and crevices that the roller misses.? Once your paint is dry, you’;re ready to stencil!

3. Secure your stencil with some painter tape.? Roeshel used FrogTape in her post.

4. Since there are small gaps in between the panels, you need to watch for bleeding.? Your best bet is to watch our How To Reduce Bleed video and make sure you off-loaded roller. Too much paint on the roller/brush will cause more bleed. Be sure you off-load onto paper towels before you begin painting.? Then build up your paint coverage on the wall slowly.

And that’;s it folks!? See how easy that is and the results are amazing!

Can’t get enough?

Thanks for reading, and happy stenciling!Michelle and the Cutting Edge Stencils Crew

(Video link here.) Last year around this time, we wondered “WHY NOT make a modernist gingerbread house, rather than the usual Victorian style?” Making gingerbread houses and structures allows you to act out your architectural and sweet-tooth fantasies, and are a perfect holiday activity to do with friends or kids; they invite collaboration and the pushing of limits.

A Sculpey polymer clay idea that is fun and easy. Make a Sweetheart Sun Catcher. Living in the south has become a total treat for me and being able to decorate. ?We have a screened in room off the back of our house. ?We use it probably 10 months out of the year. ?We have our morning beverages out there and read books after the kids have gone to bed. ?Since it gets used so often I like to decorate it just like I would the interior of the house. ?One wall is all glass windows that are floor to ceiling. ?I like to hang wreaths and sun catchers there. ? Since it is sheltered I can use a wide variety of material. ?I chose to use Sculpey polymer clay for this one.

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