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Do you love to recycle? I do! I am?Julia Cotrim?and?I love to recycle! Yes I do! ??Because I call myself a recycling girl ?? I am always gathering used boxes –; big boxes, small boxes, any kind of boxes.?I also love flowers; especially violets because they remind me of my mom who is so far away from mefunny standard pillowcases, in Brazil.I saved these two tissue boxes to make a beautiful flower pot holder for my violets and because Spring has finally arrived and my delicate little flowers are ready to bloom!

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Julia used for her project:Canvas Corp Orange &; Ivory Tile Reverse Canvas Corp Green &; Ivory Lattice Tattered Angels Mists –; Festival, Chocolate Brown Canvas Corp White Mini Clothespins 7gypsies Architextures Stash Paque –; Enjoy Scissors and?Heating emboss

To start, I covered the boxes with paper –; one in green and one in orange.

Next step was to embellish the rim with washi tape.Try to stick it in a way that you can wrap it over the rim and make it look neat.

From 7gypsies Architextures Stash Paque –; Enjoy, I chose these beautiful stickers to create a tag with a piece of cardboard.

With Tattered Angels Mists I added some final touched to the boxes!

I hope you like my idea!

Happy recycling!!!

Julia Cotrim

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