funny standard pillowcases One Room Challenge Week 4 – Windows & Walls pillow covers farmhouse

This one project is probably my most proud decorating moment in this entire challenge.? You see, I am a bit obsessed with plank walls.? If I didn’;t rent, I would have them all over my house.? I really wanted a white plank wall behind my bed, but thought my landlord may not like it as much.

My solution: an $8 roll of paper.? Yep, $8.? Actually, I think I used my coupon at JoAnnfunny standard pillowcases, so it was 40% off $8…; I can’;t do that math.? You get the point.? It. Was. Cheap.

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I will eventually write a post with a proper tutorial to share with you all, but here’;s the short version.? I taped the roll of paper to the wall.? Then I covered the edges with some 1x3s painted white.? Boom.? Done.? Less than an hour.

Here’;s a link to the paper.? It’;s actually for teachers to use on their bulletin boards.

Did you notice the new bookshelf by my bed?? I decided that I wanted a bookshelf over there instead, and scored this one at the thrift store for $7.? Now, it just needs some paint love.

I decided to only cover the two side windows, and not the corner window.? This is partially because I don’;t need the privacy of a window covering in that window, and also because I don’;t feel quite up to tackling a corner window treatment when there are baseboard heaters involved.

I already had the curtain panels, but needed some hardware.? Literally.? I hopped on the industrial pipe look bandwagon.? All that is left to do here is paint the screws black and hem the curtain panel.

Since this room is inspired by Cape Cod, I really wanted to incorporate the look of gray cedar shingles into my decor.? This involved a leap of faith.? I was truly afraid that this would end up as a total craft fail right up until the end.

This project will also get a post with a full tutorial later, but here’;s a sneak peak at how it came together.

Basically, the “;shingles”; are cut rectangles of plywood, stained various shades of gray.? Then I built a frame and glued the shingles inside.? After I cut and stained the shingles, everything else came together in under an hour.

Total budget?? Around $25.

I opted for a gallery wall over here. I have thrift store frames piling up that need a good home.? I clearly have some major work to do here.? I keep hearing (in my best Ricky Ricardo voice) “;Aimee, you got some painting to do!”;? Almost all the frames will get some paint, and then there is the issue of filling them.? I’;m thinking about maps, maybe a boat design plan, a landscape picture.

And that piece of paper that looks like a mustache?? I think I am going to cut a piece of wood to look the the tail of a whale.? Or a mustache…;. ??

The green quilt on my bed is FINALLY going away.? I bought this washed linen duvet in aqua from Target, and I’;m beyond excited!

There will of course be a pillow cover for the accent pillow on my bed.? Maybe a nice nautical stripe?

Also –; Lanterns.? I made the mistake of going to Pottery Barn the other day, and I fell in love with these Hyannis lanterns in a bronze finish.? I can’;t stop thinking about them.? Wouldn’;t they look amazing in the floor to the right of my bed?? We’;ll see how the budget holds up.? They are having a 20% off sale right now…;

That’;s all for now.? Be sure to tune in next week for my last update before the big finale.? Until then, head on over to Calling it Home to see what all the other design challenge participants have been up to.

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Happy Derby week y’all!!! I hope that you have enjoyed the Kentucky Derby Party Ideas and Printable’s that I posted this year. ?I have one more quick idea Kentucky Derby decorations to share with you today. Tomorrow is the Kentucky Oaks (which I’m going to !!!) and Saturday is the Kentucky Derby! ?If you ever want to come to the Derby but can’t find tickets, try going to the Oaks or Thurby instead… (Thurby is relatively new and is the Thursday before the Derby, lots of fun races, and you can still wear a hat, but not as hard to find tickets)

I thought I’d play around with my cutting machine, but instead of cutting, I would place the Silhouette sketch pens in instead of the blade.?? These are so handy when you’re wanting to make a sign, a card or your own art like I did last year.

These little Sugar Skull Mug Rugs are the perfect project to help practice your free-motion quilting skills. Perfect lines are not required! Make a set to celebrate Halloween, Dia de los Muertos, or any day you are feeling a little spooky.