funny standard pillowcases One Room Challenge Week 4- Oaring Around pillow covers farmhouse

I mounted my plywood (cut to 48″; x 8″;) to two 1×;6 boards using finishing nails.? Just be careful to make sure your boards are evenly spaced.? I just used a coin to measure the space between each board and keep it consistent.

Paint everything white, and then pick an accent paint color.? I used this Folk Art Home Decor chalk paint in crochet yellow.? I couldn’;t have found a more perfect paint color match for my Oaring Around fabric.

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Next: using a pencil, lightly trace your oar.? I chose an alternating up-down pattern for my oar patternfunny standard pillowcases, with one oar on the end being tilted.? Laying a tape measure along the bottom piece of plywood will help keep everything on track and evenly spaced.

Using a craft paint brush, fill in the oar outlines with your accent paint color.

Aside from the d-rings that I used to mount this, I didn’;t have to buy any supplies for this project.? I scored a giant piece of wall art for this room by using leftover supplies and saved a TON of money!

A quick message for all of my DIY-addict friends out there: don’;t look at that stash of scrap wood and leftover paint with shame.? View it as an opportunity to make even more awesome DIY projects, and to save a few bucks along the way!? Win!

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I have been completely obsessed with Tartan plaid lately. My love for plaid comes out every holiday season! This year took it a bit further and created these adorable Tartan Plaid Desk Accessories.?

Oh my, could this be any more adorable? ?I know Scarlet would LOVE one, I can’t wait to sew it up. ?This tutorial is so clear and cute that I just had to ask Samantha of Bobaloo Kids to share it with you! ?Take it away Samantha:

Finding colours for children's for children's bedrooms which will last a least a couple of years can be difficult! We know that children can be very pedantic when it comes to choosing colour schemes, however, in the current economic climate it isn't feasible to re-decorate every year. As such you and your child or children will have to decide on a colour scheme which can be tweaked by changing soft furnishings and accessories rather than re-decorated too often.