funny standard pillowcases One Room Challenge Week 3- Chugging Along pillow covers farmhouse

I started in on my wall decal feature wall.? Basically, I bought adhesive-backed vinyl in 4 colors (well, white and three shades of blue).? I just cut the vinyl into triangles and started sticking them to the wall.? The plan is to have white triangles throughout, and then do an ombre effect with the shades of blue.

As you can tellfunny standard pillowcases, my daughter helped add the triangles at the bottom-left of the picture.? Luckily, the vinyl is repositionable.? I also have to cut and add the darkest shade of blue at the bottom.

couch cushion covers diy

Does online shopping count as progress?? If so, them I’;ve made a TON of progress on this!

My two big selections from Minted arrived, and I’;m thrilled.

First: this giant print.? It’;s seriously giant…; like 30″; x 40″;.

Source: Malibu Surf and Sky II from Minted

I want to use this print as the backdrop for our theater, to give it the effect that we are overlooking the ocean.

Source: Oaring Around Fabric in Chartreuse from Minted

The plan for this fabric is to use it as a valence over the theater and than hang light, airy curtains.

So where exactly is this Seaside Theater going to go?? Right here:

As you may recall from Week 1, there used to be a dresser in that corner.? I moved the dresser into the closet.? Now, if someone could just explain why my kids put Dottie the Giraffe in time-out!

I mentioned the other week that I kept one of our crib mattresses.? The twins like having it when we play, and I think it will come in handy when we have overnight guests who have little kids.

So…; I’;m going to attempt to make some sort of frame with wheels.? And if that doesn’;t work, I will just keep a spare mattress under the bed.? That’;s ok, right?!?

So that’;s all for now.? I? still have some major work to do on two of the larger elements in this room, so wish me luck!!

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Let’s face it, your bathroom isn’t exactly set up for comfort. While the tiled floor and other hard surfaces may be easy to clean, they offer little in the way of cushioning. Especially if you need to kneel on the floor.

If you’ve never felt a sateen sheet—clean and crisp and soft all at once—we highly recommend you get to the nearest Sheridan store and run your fingers over one now.

As I was packing my “airplane bag” last night I came across a little ribbon pen and pencil case I made eons ago. I still use it –?it’s a very useful item for those of us who constantly lose pens and pencils. I’m sure there’s a planet somewhere inhabited solely by ballpoint pens. (An idea I stole from Douglas Adams.) So I put together instructions for a?super-quick little project to keep your writing implements corralled: A Ribbon Pen & Pencil Case.