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Okay, I am such a sucker for comments. I love reading them and love to see what people have to say, where people come from, ideas and suggestions from you, you, and you…;…;I love it all. So muchfunny standard pillowcases, that while reading each comment during this last giveaway I secretly wanted to go buy enough supplies to make tutu’;s/shoes/bows for all of these little girls you were trying to win for. Awwww, little lovelies dancing all around in fluffy tutu’;s…;…;…;..

Well, bad news. I can’;t afford to make a gazillion tutu’;s. But, I can teach you how to make your own. They really are pretty simple. And don’;t require ANY SEWING SKILL. So, get those scissors out and I’;ll walk you through this one.

canvas throw pillow covers

(By the way…;…;.I have been asked about a tutorial for the shoes by several people. I actually don’;t offer a tutorial for them. Thanks for your interest in them but at this time I am only selling the pattern for the shoes.)

For the tutu, you’;ll need:

Cut strips of tulle about 3 inches wide by about 28 inches. (No strict rules here…;..you can make them a little less wide, a little shorter, a little longer. You get the idea.)

Next, tie a knot (that you can later take out) and put it over the back of a chair to hold nicely for you.

Then, take 2 strips of tulle and fold them in half. Lay the loop, where you just folded it, over the piece of elastic.

Fold the ends under the elastic and pull through the open loop…;…;.and pull through.

And then wiggle it tight.

Then, add more tulle, 2 by 2. And remember to keep your pattern going if you have more than one color.

Slide all of the knots together, making more room for more tulle.

Measure it against your little girl, making sure that the fit is just right. Then either make a tight knot in the elastic and trim the ends or sew it closed. (I know, I said no sewing was involved. So, only if you want to.) Then, pull all of the knots pretty tight so that they don’;t loosen up over time.

You can stop here…;..or you can add a little something extra. If you like the look of the ribbon detail, cut 6 pieces of ribbon about 12 inches each. You can stagger the length of each ribbon, if you like the look of that. Hot glue little silk flowers to one end and then tie the other end very securely to the elastic. Trim your ends of ribbon.

Fluff and go.

Thanks again for all of your comments during the giveaway and for sharing small pieces of your lives with me. I loved hearing from everyone and who you would have given the little tutu to. Now, go make your own. It’;s that easy.


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