funny standard pillowcases Kids Shorts Tutorial Series Part II, The Curved Shorts decorative pillow shams

Welcome to Part II of our Kids Shorts Tutorial Series by Shauna Wightman of Shwin And Shwin—the curved shorts.

We continue the summer shorts series with shorts number two, the curved shorts. A quick alteration to the pattern and we have a whole new style.

floral pillow cases

Cut out the shorts patternfunny standard pillowcases, trimming the curved edges as shown on the pattern. You will also need the waistband pieces.

With right sides together sew one front and one back piece together along the inseam. Finish seam as desired.

Press seam open flat. Finish outside edge as desired.

Sew the trim along the shorts starting ?″ above the curved edge of the front and sewing all the way up the side back edge. You want to sew the edge of the trim towards the edge of the shorts.

Turn the edge under by 3/8″ and press. Now the edge of the trim should be turned toward the back and just the edge will be peeking out.

Overlap the front and back pieces at the side seam by 3/8″. Sew the two layers together starting at the top and then sew the hem in place along the rest of the hem and back around to the other side.

Repeat those steps so you now have two legs.

With the legs right sides together (one inside out and one right side out and then matched up together) sew from the center front down through the crotch and up the center back. Finish seam as desired. Top stitch seam if desired.

Then follow the rest of the steps from Part I of the kids shorts tutorial series starting at step 12.

Then you are done with style number two for a basic shorts alteration and your curved shorts is created.

This is like a 2-fer Instructable! In this fun and easy Instuctable I will show you how to make a toddler romper out of a plain tee shirt and then how to embellish it!

I shared months ago that I wanted to open up the free days on my blog (that I wasn’t blogging) to others who would love to fill those gaps and showcase their own work.? Your talent out there is INCREDIBLE…..and I love sharing this little outlet with others who get a kick out creating, like I do. :)? So, today is another day you get to see the craftiness of someone else.? Pull up a chair (or a sofa) and enjoy with me……you won’t be disappointed.?