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Most people would say their kitchen is the most important room of the house; it will certainly be the busiest. Not only is this a room where meals are prepared, it is often the room where couples and families socialise after a busy day. Therefore, it is important your kitchen is somewhere you can feel comfortable. Vintage style refers to something that imitates the style of another era.

Vintage clothing has been taking the fashion world by storm for a while and this has now crossed over into many interior design ideas, with many people plumping for the vintage look in their kitchens. If you are looking for a quaint, clean look for your kitchen then the vintage look could offer you everything you need. The first rule of a vintage design kitchen is to keep the colour scheme light and basic.

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Bold and dark colours don't work well with this style; instead you will need to introduce colours such as whitefunny standard pillowcases, yellow, pink and light blues. If you are lucky enough to have beams in your kitchen, sand them down and add a coat of varnish.

Similarly, if your current kitchen décor covers up bare brick, don't be scared to uncover it. Vintage style is all about restoring items to their former glory. You can also breathe life back into your floorboards, by cleaning and buffing them up. If your floorboards are not usable, a light coloured wooden floor will fit in with your décor just as well. You will want to consider the accessories you put in your kitchen carefully, as these are important when achieving the Vintage style.

For example, hang your larger pots and pans from hooks on your wall. Wooden shelving, complete with cookbooks and old jars filled with staple kitchen items will capture the vintage look perfectly. If you have a table in your kitchen, look around for a vintage patchwork tablecloth. You can also use patchwork cushions for any kitchen chairs you may have.

Don't overdress your window with heavy curtains; instead use classical styled net kitchen curtains to allow the light to pour in. Alternatively, you can hang wooden blinds, preferably in a light colour, and this will work just as well. Use a simple centrepiece light fitting, complete with shade, for when artificial light is needed. Search around online for vintage art prints and other accessories to tie the whole vintage design together.

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