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Canvas Corp printed canvas?are designed to match each collection –; they have beautiful art printed on them,?which you can leave as they are but, when painted, dyedfunny standard pillowcases, misted or even?fussy cut, will make?glorious embellishments or centre pieces of all shabby chic style projects.?With the additions of unlimited colour burlap flowers and cords, there are so many ways of combining elements and achieving beautiful projects.?Today, Christine Santos, our Crew member, ?shares with you her idea on how to turn plain and printed canvas sheets into beautiful home decorations.

Christine’;s ‘;GROW’; spool mobile is a prime example how to turn plain natural canvas into something very special.

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‘;I bought a vintage spool at my favourite local vintage store and as soon as I got my hands on this little beauty, I knew I had to create a mobile with it. The decision to?call it “;Grow”; was easy because it’;s my word for 2017…; one must not stop growing and improving. I used some gorgeous images from the Watering Can and Spring Showers collections, with more Canvas Corp Brands products to match.’; –; says Christine about her hanging mobile.

Materials used:Canvas Corp Birds &; Bees On Ivory PaperCanvas Corp Spring Showers Printed Canvas SheetCanvas Corp Ivory Burlap FlowerCanvas Corp Light Natural Hank Hemp Jute RopeCanvas Corp Natural Canvas SheetCanvas Corp Natural Mini ClothespinsCanvas Corp Cream Hank Braided Rope7 Gypsies Princesca Crystal HardwareOther: Spool, Flowers

Christine also shares the very straight-forward instructions for this ‘;word for the year’; hanging mobile:?

You can personalise the project with your colours of choice. You could also make a composition of three or more mobiles?–; wherever your?imagination?takes you. Whichever option you decide on, share it with us in the Collective.

And if you’;d like to see more of Christine’;s work, visit her?blog and Instagram.

Happy crafting!

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