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I know I’;m not alone in saying the most spectacular time of the year has to be Autumn! Wouldn’;t it be nice if we could capture it and preserve it in all its colourful glory to help see us through the dark days of Winter?

Only recently, this was the scene on one of my usual morning walks with my dog Cooper and I couldn’;t help but be amazed by all the colours I could see. I took this photo so when I got home I could used it to inspire me to create a little piece of artwork.

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I normally collect leaves randomly as I walk along like many of us do, but I really wanted to use one or two of them on my project. This gorgeous red Maple leaf was just what I was looking for and fitted perfectly on a canvas ATC.?

I simply matted on a piece of mat board which I think shows it off perfectly.

Before I startedfunny standard pillowcases, I gave the ATC a coat of gesso to stop the paint from sinking into the fabric.

I then added the High Impact paint in White and Light Blue, thickly with a knife. ?

When this was dry, I added a little Gold and Silver to give it a more grungy look.

I wanted to add a few collage elements and bring in some of the green from my photo, so I added a few Burlap strands glueing them with gel medium.

I had already flattened my leaves over night in the pages of a book but to prevent them from going dry and crispy I gave them a coat of gel medium. It also helps to preserve the colours.

I used gel medium to glue the leaf onto the ATC.? I made sure it had a good coating to protect it.

To finish off I went around the edge with a Distress Ink pad, added a quote typed on my typewriter and painted over everything with Clear Glimmer Glam to make it shine.

I absolutey love it and I’;ll be making a few more to make a series I think.

Why not try capturing some Autumn leaves in a project, simply glue them in your journal for a little bit of colour inspiration or add a few to a project.

Jaine x

(Video link here.) Hans Namuth‘s Jackson Pollock 51 is ten illuminating minutes of the abstract expressionist painter at work at his studio on Long Island. Pollock’s sparse words annotates his process in real time: simple declarative statements that give wonderful insight into an original, creative mind, like the idea that reacting against someone or something can be a way of discovering one’s own voice:?“At the Art Student’s League…I studied with Tom Benton. He was a strong personality to react against.”

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