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The most amazing new paint we have seen in a long time. ?It was formulate specifically to work on wood of all types and other natural surfaces! ?Think of it like a paint that stains the wood and let’;s the natural beauty show through, but without the mess or smell of wood stains. ?Made in the USA, this water-based, pigment paint is the perfect way to add color all those amazing natural surfaces that are out there in the market today, like frames, crates, tays, banners, pallets and so much more…;.

?Any natural surface is ideal…;.raw wood, natural woodfunny standard pillowcases, barn wood, vintage wood, rustic wood, laser cut wood, plywood, wood chips, basket filler, MDF board, wicker, willow, rattan, bamboo, natural grasses, canvas, burlap, cork, jute, sisal, cotton, papier-maché and so much more!!!!

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The formula and the colors were created specifically to work with the natural hues and golden tones of most natural items. ?The paint can be applied to white washed surfaces (like this frame below) or natural burlap surfaces and the tones are the same, so they look beautiful together. ?

This once coat paint was formulated to be applied with the paint with your favorite paint brush or you can use a mist sprayer (sold separately for larger or uneven surfaces)

One two ounce bottle will do one large project, 2-3 medium size projects and 4-6 smaller projects or more. ?The paint goes a long way and the color is so bright and vibrant after the first coat.Both of the below projects use about 1/4th of the bottle, so this will give you an idea of how far this amazing paint will go.

There are 24 paints in the initial release. ?12 Essentials Colors, which are the best of the best basic DIY colors and 12 Faux Finish Colors, which are a collection of natural faux finish looks.The colors are different on every surfaces and the hues are perfect for home decor and craft projects.

The colors were chosen to coordinate with home decor colors and today’;s trends and styles. A touch of color with a collection of neutral colors are sure to blend or stand out in any space. ?Another exciting thing about the paint is that it does not adhere to the metal details found on so many of the wooden surfaced like these adorable crates from Hampton Art.The Color Wash will wipe right off and you have no worries about painting the beautiful metal accents on any of the surfaces.

Absolutely, you can add white or black or blend one or more colors. ?Experiment and have fund. ?You can add water 2, 3 or 4 parts to create a lighter tone wash or add a bit from the White Wash or Black Velvet to deeper or lighten.Experiment and have fun.

The Essentials are pure pigment and the Faux finish paints are a combination of pigment and metallic mica that work together to create a single coat faux finish look. ?The mica reacts a bit differently with each surface and works with the surfaces naturally beauty to create the most amazing looks.This example shows you a faux finish silver look that is amazing on this rustic frame.

Nope, how cool is that. ?Make sure the surface is clean and dry and apply the paint with a brush. ?No need for a topcoat, but you can apply one if desired. ?There is no need to sand or prime, let the rustic nature of the wood remain, simply brush over the surface and allow the Color Wash to stain in all the right places.

You can use a brush, but the mist applicator is very helpful to reach many different levels or woven spaces. ?Remove the lid and add the mist sprayer, shake the bottle and mist onto the surface. ?Hold the bottle upright for best spray application. ?This will allow the paint to get into all the nooks and crannies.

You sure can. ?The paint becomes part of the surfaces, so you can craft on the surface your favorite way from stencils and rubber stamps to rubber stamping and decoupage. ?You can glue directly onto the surface, apply stencil paint, give it a try and have a ball. ?You can dee the detail of the faux finish Old Bronze with a rich brown color and a touch of green patina that is created naturally by the environment. ?The look is amazing on this rustic wood pallet.

Here is a great example of the 7gypsies Parchment Rub-Ons applied after the Color Wash dried.

This amazing new paint will be available February 1, 2018. ?There will be 24 initial colors available with new colors along the way. ?The paints will be live in the shop on 2/1, so be on the look out in the new section!!!!Stay tuned for videos and blog posts with HOW-TOs and step-outs.

If you have any questions about the new paint, please leave a comment here and we will get them all answered.

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