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Hi there!!

Meet Anna of Noodlehead! I’;m sure alot of you already know her though!! Her blog is fantastic! Wonderful, wonderful projects! ?With lots of great sewing TUTORIALS! Please stop over there and tell her “;hi”; for me!

accent pillow case baby floor

-now onto the tutorial!

The Asian-inspired bamboo motif is just about everywhere we look, but it’s more than just a passing trend. Finding its way from the Silk Roads of China to the Palace of Versailles and into our homes today, the bamboo look has proved it has real staying power.

Here is my sock cat project. This cat is not just a simple soft toy, it jingles and crinkles!

Between work, familyand trying to have a social life, being a regular gym-goer isn’t alwayspossible, sustainable or (let’s face it) desirable, but there are lots ofsmaller, easier ways to integrate more movement into your day and encourage ahealthier lifestyle that will support better mental and physical health.

funny standard pillowcases