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As kids grow older, they also grow more capable of doing little tasks around the house to make family life easier. It’s important for kids to have fun, play with friends, and explore their hobbiesfunny standard pillowcases, but it’s just as important to teach them practical life skills.

With the kids home for summer, there’s no better time to get started with an organized daily task routine. By using our Daily Checklist for Kids, you can pass some responsibilities onto your kids and give them the chance to confidently contribute to the household.

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1. Each time your child completes one of the 6 daily tasks, they check a box. You can print out multiple copies of the checklist so each child has their own set of daily tasks to complete.

2. Choose a Weekend Reward your child can work toward as they complete their daily tasks. (We provided a few examples!)

3. By the weekend, it’s time for some fun! Go to the park, see a movie, stay up an extra hour before bedtime. You choose!

4. Print out a copy for the next week, choose a new Weekend Reward, and start over again! To cut down on paper, laminate the checklist and use dry-erase markers to color and edit so it can be reused each week.

Download your copy of our Daily Checklist for Kids now!

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