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Create custom party ware with DIY Party Drinking Glasses! Creative Contributor Chloe from Boxwood Ave. is serving up these adorable Flamingo &; Pineapple DIY Party Drinking Glasses using her Cricut Explore! I think I need to make up a few and put them in my party pantry! If you’;re shopping for a Cricut, use my special affiliate link >;>;>;?Cricut Explore Air? Machine EVERYTHING Starter Set

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Who doesn’;t love flamingos and pineapples? They are little symbols that summertime is officially here! And along with that, comes pool parties, and if you’;re lucky: flamingo &; pineapple pool parties.

One dayfunny standard pillowcases, I was scrolling through instagram when I saw a set of cactus cups similar to these flamingo &; pineapple glasses, and I thought, “Hey! I can make that!” So, as usual, make it I did. ? ?

These DIY Party Drinking Glasses are so simple to make with your Cricut Explore Air?, and can be customized any way you like (wait, isn’t that the point of having a Cricut?). I think they’d be cute with names or a monogram, but the best part? The vinyl comes right off when you’re ready to wash the glasses.

These DIY flamingo &; pineapple glasses are the perfect way to celebrate summer. Whether you’re celebrating poolside, beachside, or anywhere in between, you’re going to love serving summery drinks in these fun cups.

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To get the recipe for the Pink Flamingo Colada from this post – visit Boxwood Avenue!

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