funny standard pillowcases Christmas Pinwheel Bouquet personalised birthday gifts

I created a fun take on a bouquet for the Christmas season by incorporating pinwheels, Canvas Corp style with the gorgeous Farmhouse Christmas collection and a range of Kraft and new printed papers. 7gypsies’; Architextures are layered on each pinwheel for definition and texture, giving each piece a beautiful detailed and unique look. –; says about her project?Christine Santos.

Materials Christine used for her pinwheels: Canvas Corp?Farmhouse Christmas on Ivory Paper Canvas Corp?Farmhouse Christmas on Kraft Paper Canvas Corp?Farmhouse Christmas Tags on Ivory Paper Canvas Corp?Red Stripe Flower on White Paper Canvas Corp?Silver Stars on Kraft Paper Canvas Corp?Sisal Rope Canvas Corp?White Braided Rope Canvas Corp?Black Waxed Cotton Cord Canvas Corp?Kraft Ticking Canvas Fringe Canvas Corp?Natural Burlap Fringe Canvas Corp?Canvas Fringe 7gypsies?Architextures Tall Base –;?Swirls 7gypsies?Architextures Findings –;?International Coins 7gypsies?Vintage Wooden Clips Tattered Angels Glimmer Mists:?Barn Red,?Red Tipped Rosefunny standard pillowcases,?Pistachio,?Leap Frog Pinwheel Punch Board

pillowcase baby

Trim the Canvas Corp papers to size for the pinwheels with the help of a pinwheel punch board.Secure and glue these to the pinwheel sticks which will make it a secure base for the added dimension and layers on top.

Apply the Swirls Architexture on each pinwheel and then mist layers of Tattered Angels Glimmer Mists, drying each layer.

Fussy cut a couple of images from the Farmhouse Christmas papers and layer these on top of some pinwheels.Adhere the International Coins Architextures on the middle of each pinwheel.

Trim some ropes, cords, and fringes, and add these to parts of each pinwheel.

Cover the sticks by adhering strips of canvas and burlap, and then add some color by spritzing it with Glimmer Mists.

Paint the edges of each pinwheel with some more Glimmer Mists, and then add some splatters on top.

Secure some fussy cut pieces with a clothespin. You can also add some glimmer to these with a spritz of Glimmer Mist.

Who would have thought that pinwheels could be such an unusual Christmassy decoration if done right!

We’;re sure you’;ll find plenty more fun ideas on Christine’;s blog and Instagram.?

Happy crafting!!!

Wings on Wednesday today are represented by Karen Crossen and her beautiful set of wooden wings on a distressed wooden piece. See how she used Tattered Angels paints and Architextures elements to achieve this amazing piece of home decor.

We are a little obsessed with burlap and canvas around here, with rolls of it coming and going all the time, as we convert them into so many?different items. ?We can go all natural and we love our color, either way you had us at big fabric roll. ?Each roll can pack on 25-100 yards of gorgeous fabric that long to become something oh so special. ?As we hoist them onto the table ready to go under the knife, they are ready to be transformed into a tote bag, apron, makeup bags, zipper pockets, eyeglass cases, purses, pillow, table runner, flower, scrapbook, banner, chef’s hat, stocking, tree skirt…..the possibilities are endless.

Check out these cool works by Danish cartoon artist HuskMitNavn, who creates amazing 3D cartoons using nothing but ingenuity and one sheet of paper. He folds the paper with his 2D illustrations to ultimately create a 3D effect! It is absolutely amazing. Samples of his work can be seen below. Each of them bursting with character, it’s unbelievable how a few simple tricks can?create so much animation. You can check out more of HuskMitNavn’s work by checking out his Instagram account,?Huskmitnavn1.