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When it comes to bedroom design, comfort and simplicity should always remain at the forefront of your mind. Computers and exercise equipment are a definite no no as they cloud the purpose of a bedroom and can actually affect the quality of your sleep. So too can a television, if you must have one then be sure to house it in a T.V. cabinet so when not in use it can be shut away.

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The main focus of the bedroom should be on the bed. If you have enough room try to give it a central position rather than marginalize its importance by shoving it into a corner. Signify that this is the main focus of the room by concentrating all your design ideas on and around it. An oversize head board for example, not only makes a grand statement it is also very practical as it provides space for shelving above or on either side of the bed. It also provides a convenient spot to position reading lamps or spotlights- especially handy if your property is rented and drilling holes in the wall would upset your landlord. For a really luxurious feelfunny standard pillowcases, lavish your bed in decorative pillows and richly coloured throws.

Not only are these affordable, they are the safest way to add a little colour to your bedroom without upsetting the tranquillity. When it comes to covering your walls and floors it is best to think neutral. This doesn’t have to mean white or cream, try painting your walls a pale shade of lemon or mint for a fresh, up-to-date look that doesn’t overpower. Oranges and reds are to be avoided but cool blues or lavender will definitely make for a calming backdrop, perhaps in the form of some period floral wallpaper for added interest. For the floor, a thick woollen carpet is surely the only way to go.

Wooden floors may be the current trend for the rest of the house, and rightly so, they are easy to clean and care for and look extremely beautiful, but in the bedroom we should be thinking of comfort. If you really don’t want to cover up your wooden flooring then a good compromise is to place rugs either side of the bed just to make early morning starts that little bit softer.

For small rooms try mirrored wardrobes to give the illusion of added space. If space is not a problem add a dresser for added convenience and to help maintain a clutter free space and restrict all furniture materials to that of the bed in order to maintain some unity. Roller Blinds or wooden blinds will finish off a contemporary look or for classic style opt for a pair of heavy curtains. Whatever you choose make sure you they offer complete sun shut out if you or any in your home works at night.

Above all, your bedroom should be a place that puts you at ease and helps you get a restful nights sleep. To achieve this, style need not be sacrificed. With close attention paid particularly to the soft furnishings you choose, as well as keeping a continuous theme, a cosy yet contemporary bedroom is definitely within easy reach.

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No, I’m not decorating for the holidays just yet. You take me for someone who has life together! I’m still trying to talk the girls into letting go of their pumpkins and trying to talk that Halloween candy into letting go of my hips. When the sun sets before 5:00 and the temperatures drop, I start thinking about how to make our home feel a little more cozy and it’s amazing how a little winter decor can make it feel warm and festive.