funny standard pillowcases 20 Minute DIY Valentine’s Day Heart Brooch decorative pillow shams

All dressed up for Valentine’;s day and looking for a last piéce de résistance? Add the final touches to your wardrobe by stitching up this cute DIY Valentine’;s Day Heart Brooch.

I came up with this easy to sew project that?takes only 20 minutes to complete?as I finally teach myself to sew with a machine this year!

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?Time: 20 minutes

I recently came across this fabric and just fell head of heels in love with it. And while I don’t have the fashion guts to wear a dress made of gold pleather, I still wanted a way to incorporate it into my wardrobe. What better way to do that than with this easy heart brooch?!?

To make my pattern, I basically printed the heart shape from Photoshop and cut it out. You can download this pattern or make one for yourself in any size.

Heart Brooch Pattern

Trace your stencil on the inside of the fabric (the side that won’t be visible).

Cut out your hearts.

Lay hearts on top of one anotherfunny standard pillowcases, with the gold sides facing out. You can pin in place if you want, but I didn’t find that necessary.

Sew the two hearts together, leaving a small trim on the outside. I recommend starting in the curves of the heart. You’ll also want to leave a small opening so that you can stuff your hearts (big enough to get your finger in).

Since I’m new to sewing, I found that the BERNINA Free-Hand System (FHS)?of my BERNINA 380 was a HUGE help here. I was able to turn and pivot the fabric without it bunch or losing my place.

Stuff your heart, sew to close, and trim any excess fabric of the outside. Glue your pin back on, let dry and then you and your your brooch will be ready for a night on the town!

?These would also make great Valentine’s Day gifts for all your friends, don’t you think?

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As I was packing my “airplane bag” last night I came across a little ribbon pen and pencil case I made eons ago. I still use it –?it’s a very useful item for those of us who constantly lose pens and pencils. I’m sure there’s a planet somewhere inhabited solely by ballpoint pens. (An idea I stole from Douglas Adams.) So I put together instructions for a?super-quick little project to keep your writing implements corralled: A Ribbon Pen & Pencil Case.