funny pillow cases customized rustic pillow covers Installing Cable Wire for Hanging Curtains

I had to bring in the big guns for this project as my own 'power tool' experience leans more towards sewing machines than drills. So, I asked my husband Bob (who is always a good sport and really tall) to bring his years of experience as a builder to the table to show you how to install this very cool cable wire system. It's a great option for hanging lightweightfunny pillow cases, decorative curtains, which add height and drama to our Pretty Prints Teen Room. This type of system would also work well to create a room divider or even to hang a curtain for an especially long run of windows.

The items shown here are a Dignitet system from Ikea. Other systems are available. We found a very similar system at Pottery Barn.

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Hey, crafty people! I am Michelle Wells.?I have once worked in a floral shop, and while I am not a florally kind of gal in my home decor, I absolutely love flowers as accessories.

Have you ever been a little intimidated to update a space in your home because of what it might cost?

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