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Whether you live in a shoebox in the city ;or a stately suburban home, you have probably all asked yourself at one point or another, “;Which paint colors will make a room feel bigger?”; The safe answer we all gravitate towards is white, but that neutral hue is not for everyone. Luckily, there are some tricks you can use to make a room feel more expansivefunny pillow cases, no matter what pigment you favor. Here are three ;ways to achieve the effect. ;

“;The easiest way to make a room feel larger is to paint everything (the walls and trim) the same color,”; advises N.Y.C. color consultant Eve Ashcraft, who is hired by her residential and commercial clients for her color coding expertise. “;By doing this you reduce the visual stimulation that occurs when your eyes discern a color change, and this reduction creates a sense of spaciousness.”; ;

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When in doubt, choose white. “;White is a classic choice because it reflects and maximizes any natural light flowing in, making a room visually seem larger. Plus it provides a vast neutral canvas for any colors you choose to add,”; explains Australian decorator Greg Natale. “;Conversely though, a dark shade, such as a charcoal gray, can add a remarkable amount of depth to the space,”; he says. “;As long as you have enough natural light in the first place to balance it.”; ;

If you’;re adamant about accenting the trim, you can apply a light shade to the walls and then go slightly darker on the trim, says Joa Studholme, color expert at English paint company Farrow &; Ball. “;This will make the room feel bigger because you’;ve got the lightest color on the biggest surface area.”; Do not do the opposite though. Painting a strong color on the walls and a light color on the trim will instantly shrink the room, she warns. ;

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