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So many pictures, so little time when you travel to the beach, on a cruise or even to the lake for the weekend. ?We love how well our Maritime papers work for any of photos of the waters we love. ?Sherry shares with us this great nautical 2 page layout featuring 7gypsies Maritime Collection. ?Her layout brings out the blues, aquas and turquoise hues in the collection that just make the photos of the water, natural sea life and the objects that surround the sea pop.

Some times the best place to start when designing your layouts is a single photo. ?This photo of the coiled rope is so cool that the layout wraps itself around the photo.

canvas throw pillow covers

Taking photos of the details when traveling to the shore, portfunny pillow cases, docks, rocks and the sandy surroundings. ?Each photo captures that natural beauty around you.

Stitching the layers of papers together add a great touch, if you have a sewing machine and have not gotten it out lately, let this layout encourage you to do so. ?Most machines gladly sew right though layers of paper and fabric, binding them tougher, unlike glue which is tried and true you seams are very simple, flat and looks so together. ?We love our glue and tape runners, but when it comes to adding that special touch there is nothing like a few stitches.

The addition of kraft e-flute to the layout adds the textures and dimension that allows the designed pages to stand out, just a touch of texture relief is a great technique for your next layout.

Not always sure how to add maritime charms to a layout, simply pin them on with one of our 7gypsies brass or silver pins, they work wonderfully with paper or fabric or together. ?The Maritime Mini Ephemera has a nice assortment of paper accents that look amazing on this layout.

Not a fan of writing, type your ?travel notes, a great poem or words from a song in a vintage font and print onto the Maritime Journal Cards, then rough them up a bit, they will look to be found in a bottle. ?Our journal cards come in two sizes 3×;5 journal cards?and 5×;7 journal pages, so they choice is yours. ?Both sizes do however the art is very different on each of them. ?Here they are pictured below.

5×;7 Maritime Journal Pages

3×;5 Maritime Journal Pages

Another great trick is to tie your charms into your layout with a touch of jute cord. ?The extra texture looks great and the technique allows you to put the charms where you want and hang loose verses gluing them into place.

Embrace the colors of the water with our Maritime Collection, it is the perfect vintage backdrop to show off these bright, vibrant photos.

The collection takes you from rich blues to bright corals, so you can match the collection to the photos or stick with one of the more neutral designs that will work with any photos. ?You will find these designs in a 6×;6 scale, 8×;8 scale and 12×;12 scale with the hopes that one of these is just perfect for your nautical project.

Sherry Jackson did a great job on this double layout, it makes you so want to visit.

Happy Creating!!!

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