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My mother was adamant that we send out save-the-date notices of some sort. The wedding's in the summer, in tourist season, in a tourist city. Most of the guests are coming from far away! If we don't send them a save-the-date, how will they make plans? I told her that I could easily just call or email everyone on our list to let them know the datefunny pillow cases, but she was insistent that a save-the-date card would be helpful to our guests.

So, I started researching options. In our quest for simplicity, we are eliminating as many extraneous items off the wedding checklist. Since save-the-dates were not a big priority for us, we were only willing to agree to them if we could find a simple, inexpensive, low-stress way. Fortunately, it really only took a pretty simple Google search to find Vistaprint‘;s current, totally awesome promotion: 100 custom-designed photo postcards –; at the perfect price –; FREE. What?? So I jumped on that, and after a little playing around, came up with a simple, interesting?postcard save-the-dates that conveyed all the necessary info. So, for $11.52 of shipping costs, we have 100 save-the-date cards.

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100 Save the Date cards: $11.52100 Postcard Stamps: $28Total Cost: $39.42Now if only I could find a free promotion for bulk Thank You notes….

Hey friends! Today I am doing something a little bit different because I've gotten a lot of questions about cutting machines lately. I'm going to give you my 100% unbiased review of Silhouette vs. Cricut cutting machines. Now, I always share my honest opinions even in sponsored posts, but to eliminate ANY DOUBT, I have chosen to write this post as an unsponsored post. Neither company is compensating me in any way to write this post, nor would I want them to.I want everyone to be able to read this completely unbiased post and decide which cutting machine is best for them, because the answer may not be the same for everyone!

I travel a lot with young teens and always worry about them losing their valuables, particularly their allimportant mobilephones. I developed this design after seeing a similar idea at a market in Europe. The zipper is positioned on the front of the bag rather than around the outside, and the straps are stitched into tabs that easily fold towards the front or the back of the bag resulting in a bag that is comfortably worn either way.

Lucky for us, there are tons of resources on the web to help new moms find answers to questions, save time and money, reconnect with the world around us, and have a little bit of fun (dispelling the myth that new moms are not able to have fun).? The only problem is that with the magnitude of sites to sort through, it may seem a bit overwhelming to find ones that are most helpful.? Below, we’ve listed some of our favorite sites, and a little information on them to help you decide if it’s something you might find useful.? Warm up that bookmark manager in your browser, you’re gonna need it!