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This room is mine.? Sorry kiddos, but unlike the toys you were fighting over this morning, this one thing is “;mine, mine, mine!”;? In other news, we’;re going through a “;mine”; phase around here.? Advicefunny pillow cases, words of wisdom, and wine are appreciated.

Since this is my space, I really wanted a reading corner.? So, like any good parent, I stole from my children.

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I had a gray chair in the twins room that was being used less for late-night snuggles and more as a ladder to aid in pulling things off the walls and the top of the dresser.? I exercised my parental eminent domain powers to take the chair for my new reading corner.

So much better.

I also added a rug to better ground the bed and define the space.? I bought it at Target last summer.? It was in the living room, but I decided it was too small.? Now it has a new home in my bedroom.

I’;m going through a major obsessive phase over white furniture right now.? That meant that the black sideboard console and dark brown little tables were not going to work.

Instead of painting the black sideboard, I ended up selling it and buying an Ikea Hemnes dresser.? The new dresser only cost me about $40 more than what I sold the old piece of furniture for, so this was a really great budget-friendly solution.? Never underestimate the power of Craigslist to stretch your budget when redecorating!

I also painted my old mirror white –; custom “;Ikea white”; to be exact, so it matches the dresser perfectly.? I still have one more coat of paint to go, so there is still tape on the mirror.

Then there is the nightstand situation.? I’;m trying to be budget-conscious here, so I opted to skip new nightstands.? Instead, I’;m keeping things simple with these little side tables that I already had. They are a little small, but I think if I style them correctly and maybe add a floor basket or two, they will work.

The only problem: the dark brown finish.

I was afraid of everything looking too matchy-matchy, so I decided not to paint white.? Instead my mom helped out and stripped the finish and sanded everything down. This was not pretty, and chemicals were definitely involved.

It was one of those brush on, scrape off kind of jobs.

All of that stripping and sanding left the wood looking really dry…;

…; so I treated it with a wood conditioner.? You know, the kind with beeswax, honey, and rainbows?? Ok, not the rainbows, but it did warm up the wood considerably.? This was the end result:

What do you think of my new nightstand tables?? Should I:

(A) Sand them down a bit more for a more even finish;

(B) Stain them;

(C) Keep them as is.

I think I like them as is, but I’;m not totally sold.? I would love to hear what you think!

Stay tuned next week for my update about clearing clutter and getting organized.? Happy decorating everyone!

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We’ve had the pleasure of working with artist Hillery Sproatt for some time now, and the results are never short of wonderful.

First we had the Cute Crib Sheet Tutorial which was a really easy way to make a crib sheet using your sewing machine. Then we had the Crib Sheet Tutorial: Part 2, a more finished end product for gift-giving, featuring encased elastic all the way around the edge. Now here is the Serger Crib Sheet. This version is the simplest of them all with the help of a serger. It’s not the prettiest but it’s definitely the fastest way to turn a few yards of lovely fabric into a crib sheet for your babe.Start a piece of fabric 42/44″ x 66″. I used Aneela Hoey, Walk In The Woods which is on sale right now! If you are gifting the sheet and would prefer to not pre-wash the fabric, keep the length at 68″ instead. Quinn’s awesome boots are c/o Boggs.

If you are to start your day on the right foot, you have to end it with a good sleep. Unfortunately, in a bid to have a kitchen, living room or bathroom that?guests will gasp in awe at, the bedroom is always the first budget casualty.