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Meet Robert and Brooklyn, aka: Sir R. and Miss. B.

Oh, and by the way…; TODAY IS THEIR THIRD BIRTHDAY!!!? Happy Birthday Sir R. and Miss. B!

burlap throw pillow covers

Aren’;t they adorable?? OK, shameless mom bragging moment over.

Before I reveal the exciting “;before”; picturesfunny pillow cases, I need to say a few things.

I really am a good mom.? I swear.? I love my children more than anything on the planet (right after caffeine).? I try really hard to make good parenting decisions.? Healthy food (Wendy’;s chicken nuggets are healthy, right?).? Limited TV time.? Educational toys.

But there are two of them to wrangle love and only one of me.? And they are super destructive energetic.? Many days I simply throw my hands in the air and give up make a conscious decision to prioritize quality family time over a clean house.

With that being said, here is the current state of the twins’; bedroom:

**Hangs head in shame**

Yep.? That’;s their bedroom on a relatively good day.

It’;s not that I haven’;t tried.? I once had a great idea to do a safari/The Jungle Book theme.? I even spent the better part of a weekend and a bottle of wine cutting and hanging removable wallpaper in a giraffe pattern.? That lasted all of a few weeks.? Then the unspeakable happened, and the giraffe feature wall became a wad of crumpled up removable wallpaper prominently displayed on the floor in front of a half of a giraffe feature wall.

I have never been so torn between laughing and crying in my entire life.

I was so traumatized by the experience that I faced decorating paralysis for months.? But now I feel like I have recovered emotionally enough to make a second attempt at decorating this room.

Now for the fun part: the vision board!? Here it is:

Like I said, the plan is “;Coastal Cool.”;? What exactly does that mean to me?? I’;m thinking more West Coast…; less Cape Cod or Hamptons coastal.? This room is a chance for me to take a few more chances and be a bit more bold than I would be in other rooms in my home.? Fun fact: I have an unnatural fear of color in home decor choices.? I’;m working on it.? I think this room will be a true test for me.

Bright ocean and sky blues, white furniture, natural wood, and chartreuse –; a color I have longed to incorporate in my home decor, but never really knew how.? I’;m so excited about this!

What we already have

What I’;ve Ordered

What I’;m “;knocking off”;

Thinking about ordering for our Seaside Theater

So there you have it!? The master plan, ready to be implemented in less than 6 weeks.? Wish me luck!!!

If you want more One Room Challenge inspiration, head on over to Calling it Home and check out what all of the other linking participants are up to!? Happy decorating!

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