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Today I’;ve got another “;10 minute Tuesday”; project for you. ?Many of you may recall that last year I wrote an article?on?how I encourage my kids to keep journals during the summer. I then shared with you a quick DIY project, how to cover a simple composition notebook with an old map to make a fun little journal for your kids.

You can get the complete DIY for the project here.

customized gifts for her

Since Spring Break is coming up for many of us, and many of you are headed out on fun adventures. I’;ve updated the printable tag featured on?the front of the journal.

You can now download not only the “;Summer 2014”; printable but also a “;Summer 2015”; printable and one with no date at all.

You can find the downloads over on my Templates page. ?The printables are free for my newsletter subscribersfunny pillow cases, if you don’;t have a password just read the instructions on the top of the templates page to get one.

These journals are really fun for kids to use, they can not only use them as a journal of their activities, but also as a mini scrapbook. Encourage them to glue in ticket stubs, found items and a few photos. ?Imagine how fun it?will be for the kids to go back and read through the journal in a few years.

When we’;re on vacation I encourage my kids to sit down and write in a journal each evening before they go to bed. I always tell them that they THINK they are going to remember everything about their trip, but they won’;t, and it’;s nice to have a record of some of the fun times they’;ve had.

Today is the last day to take advantage of the Silhouette Rhinestone Promotion so we have a fun little project to share. Here in suburban land, all the tots carry their soccer ball to practice in a drawstring backpack like this. Since I’m a big-time high-roller, I gave Quinn a soccer ball of her own for her birthday yesterday and made her this fun DIY drawstring backpack to go with it. This is a GREAT boy-friendly gift despite my choices above. The best part is that it’s made from a fabric placemat so it comes together right-quick. It’s like the Easiest. Pillow. Ever. but you can wear it on your back!

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