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Your beautiful Sheridan towels need love and care to stay in perfect condition, so we've noted a few key tips to ensure your towels stay fresh for years to come.

For best results, we recommend a 40 degree gentle machine wash for your Sheridan towels, and to avoid dry cleaning.

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For your whitesfunny pillow cases, optical brighteners are fine to use, but avoid using on your coloured washes, and try to keep them separate to avoid colour running.

Attending to stains immediately as they occur will result in more effective removal, and to do so, we recommend using oxygen-based stain removers.

Never use bleach to clean your towels and make sure bathroom cleaning products containing bleach are kept separately from your towels to avoid any bleach stains.

When doing a towel load of washing, try not to overcrowd the machine so they have plenty of water around them to soak and wash.

We recommend the occasional deep clean of your towels on a warm to hot cycle to remove any bacteria and oils. 40 – 60 degrees is ideal for this.

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To protect the fibres of your towels, we recommend using a gentle eucalyptus-based washing detergent for superior colour retention so they look beautiful for longer.

Avoid using silicone-based fabric softeners and conditioners. These will repel water and will reduce the absorbency of your fluffy towels.

To protect the fibres of your Sheridan towels, we recommend using a gentle eucalyptus-based washing detergent for superior colour retention, so they look beautiful for longer.

Line drying your towels in the shade is ideal and it reduces electricity usage. Tumble drying your towels for a few minutes when they are almost dry off the line will maximise their softness, but is not essential.

For tumble drying, dry your towels on a medium to warm setting and ensure they are completely dry before storing in your linen cupboard.

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