funny pillow cases How to create a mobile Lego station that doubles as storage - sofa pillow covers

This clever DIY project combines storage, a building platform and – when the masterpiece is complete – a display area, all in one

Measuring tape; pencil; handsaw; square; hammer; drill; sandpaper; paint brush; drop sheet; screwdriver.

accent pillow case baby canvas floor

Side table $140; pine $43; white paint $30; wood glue $9;?40mm nails $4;?Lego base plate $25;?4 x lockable castors $27;?25mm screws $4:?TOTAL $282

Solano Stockholm side table, $140, from The Warehouse; house boxes on wallfunny pillow cases, $44.99 set of two, wooden bead garland, $39.99, flower jute rug, $299, Tia unicorn, $36.99, and sheep, $36.99, all from Shut The Front Door; skipping rope, $22.50, and balancing game (in house boxes; only some of the pieces shown), $110, both from Grey and Wild. Lego, stylist’s own.

Created by: Catherine Wilkinson and Martin Laidlaw.?Photography by: Bauer Media Group Studio.


Practical and stylish, this DIY Lego station is the perfect addition to any kids’; bedroom or playroom.




Step 5.


Step 7.


Step 8.

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