funny pillow cases CutWork Fleur-de-lis Boots decorative pillow shams

This project was SO much fun —; from ordinary to extraordinary with OESD’;s Men’;s Fashion?design collection?#12260, BERNINA Embroidery Software 6, and the BERNINA CutWork Accessory &; Software.

First I scanned my boots and loaded the photo into the embroidery softwarefunny pillow cases, where I used?the image as a template for planning my embroidery.

pillow sham pattern

When viewed in Artistic View, it looks like the stitches are actually stitched on the scanned boots! Planning ahead like this eliminates any surprises later on.

Then I copied the outline of the fleur-de-lis into the CutWork software to create the suede applique. The CutWork Tool does a great job of cutting suede and leather.

I hooped a layer of OESD StabilStick Tear-Away Stabilizer, unzipped the boot, and laid it flat on the stabilizer. I loaded the?CutWork DRAW file?into my embroidery machine, then stitched the first color —; an outline for me to place the suede piece into. I sprayed a little 505 Temporary Fabric Adhesive on the back of the suede fleur-de-lis, affixed it on the boot, and continued stitching the rest of the design.

Done! My own unique designer boots!

So my newest obsession is convertible travel clothing. While this is might be considered strange (not the least because my sense of fashion is questionable) there is just something incredibly alluring with clothes you can wear 5 ways. Unfortunately, almost all multi-way clothing is incredibly expensive, so this scarf is actually a knock off Chrysalis Cardi.

If you own a microwave oven an use it regularly, you will know that dashes of leftover food from microwaving not only look disgusting, they also smell funky and reduce the overall appeal of your microwave. But the good news is that microwaves are pretty easy to clean, if you know how.

For all of you who followed us on Facebook the last four days, I hope you enjoyed the inspirational breeze from Ventura, California, where the second DIY conference Craftcation was held. As the photos speak for themselves, you can tell it was a blast!