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A bed quilt is a specially made decorative blanket that is made up of 3 separate material layers from cotton fabric, wadding and a top decorated sewn piece which is often patch worked together of pattern fabrics which is all specially stitched together. They make for great bedding pieces to brighten up the room and can be used in both the summer when it’s too warm or in winter to accompany a winter duvet. ? Though they’re more popular in the US quilt making over the years has been one of many fabric home craft hobbies that many ladies have taken up. However more recently they have become a homely trend to add to any bedroom back home in the UK, becoming available in many homeware and bedding specialist stores in a variety of bedding styles from geometric modern too shabby chic. So if you want to add a bed quilt addition to your bedroom at home then here is a small guide to explain the variety of bed quilt sizes and how you find your own quilt to match your own bed back home.

Although many independent quilt makers tailor the size of the quilts they make to their own preferencesfunny pillow cases, the quilts you will no doubt find in store stick to the standard measurements for bedding in general from single to double and more. Though there is a general sizing guide to which most quilts will follow bear in mind that this may vary with each different quilt manufacturer.? Here’s a general guide to manufactured quilt sizes: Single:? 81 inches by 107 inches Double: 96 inches by 107 inches Queen:? 102 inches by 112 inches King: 120 inches by 112 inches ? ?However when making the decision on what size of bed quilt you need, general factors such as your mattress size, bed frame type, home décor style, colour palette and the overall look you’re going for are what will really help you in your decision making. For example if you have a double size mattress sitting on a white finished vintage chic wooden bed frame with personal décor tastes in vintage French shabby chic then something along these lines may guide you to choosing a bed quilt design that both in colour and design compliment your room.

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Any quilt you purchase should also have a drop length allowing it to hang comfortably and neatly over the edges of your bed frame and mattress. However should you personally have a custom size bed frame and mattress or require a specific quilt size in particular it may be best to approach an independent quilt designer or contemporary quilt specialists. They can then potentially make you a custom quilt tailored to your own size, colour and taste in quality printed fabrics.

Today I’m joining a group of bloggers to share some Christmas ornaments that you can craft at home in no time!? Thanks to Krista from The Happy Housie for organizing this fun DIY ornament hop!? My contribution is a simple deer cutout ornament with glittered antlers.? This could also be used as a gift tag or as a place card for your table setting.? First, thing you need is the template.? You can copy and paste the template below to your computer.

The best way to enjoy the fruits of our sewing efforts for a long time is to secure our seams. After all, if a seam is meant to hold pieces of a project together, logic dictates that we should see that our seams stay put securely.

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