funny pillow cases 8 super chic animal art prints you need in your home sofa pillow covers

No, we don’;t mean leopard spots and zebra stripes, the animal prints we’;re talking about are chic in style and perfect for any room. Check out eight of our favourites

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The word ‘art’ is a broad label for creative expression in a visual form and can mean a variety of things to different people. For most, selecting art is based on personal taste and the emotional response it provokes, while for some it is more about making a financial investment.

Over the past few years we have seen a vast array of prints in diverse styles hit the market, from quotes, typography and cartoonsfunny pillow cases, to pop art, poster art and fine art. Recently, photographic prints of luscious flowers, beach scenes and foliage seem to be trending.

This is good news for art lovers as prints have made buying something to decorate your walls more attainable, compared to the cost of original works of art. Simply choose a standard-sized frame to pop your print into and you’re all set.

Scroll to see our eight favourite animal prints. Above prints are by: Pete Cromer, Society 6, Evie Kemp, Anya Brock.


Lioness print, $69, from Paper Plane.


Baby Fajar print by Love Warriors, $145, from pippy.co.nz.


Stag framed print, $299, from Freedom.


Adorned Orator, $49.50, from Texan Art Schools.


Morgan Goat print by Margaret Petchell, $295, from Endemic World.


Shangri La print by Love Warriors, $35, from pippy.co.nz.


Angela McKay Bunny framed print, $99, from Father Rabbit.


Kaimoana Crab print by Lisa Baudry, from $49, from Endemic World.

Compiled by:?Vanessa Nouwens.?Photography by:?Kate Claridge.

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